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 THE NEW DYNAMICS OF HEARING  “The Ripple Effect of Hearing Loss”


          The NZAS Executive Council and the 2017 Conference
          Committee welcome all NZAS members, national and
          international guests, presenters and trade exhibitors to the
          41st annual NZAS Conference - The Ripple Effect of Hearing
          Loss. The 2017 NZAS Conference is being held at the
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          explore it as well as enjoying everything that the
          conference has to offer.

          Building on the National Foundation for the Deaf’s recently
          released “Listen Hear! New Zealand” report, the 2017 NZAS
          Conference will explore the ripple effect of hearing loss

          1.  the psychosocial consequences of hearing loss;
          2.  current clinical practice – from both technical and
              psychosocial points of view;
          3.  future directions - service development - with workshops
              to develop a cohesive action plan.

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